War Memorials In the News

Below is a selection of stories from the media reflecting current day attitudes to war memorials.

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The views expressed in the following articles do not in any way reflect views held by the Anglo-Boer War Memorials Project.

December 2017 – war horse grave listed in Halewood, Merseyside. The gave of “Blackie” a horse used by Lt LC Wall, RFA who was killed in 1917 while riding the horse who injured in the same incident.

May 2009 – a new memorial to the 30,000 horses, mules and oxen who died during the Anglo-Boer War is to be unveiled at Weston College at Mooi River in the Natal Midlands. The College was built on the site of No 6 Remount Camp.

April 2008 – a battlefield memorial has been erected to commemorate the men of the Royal Sussex Regiment who fell at the battle of Abraham’s Kraal (28-01-1902) and others who lost their lives during the war.

April 2008 – A war memorial commemorating 2,400 Chinese nationals who died in two World Wars has been unveiled in Hong Kong.

March 2008 – The Black Watch memorial for the Anglo-Boer War in Edinburgh was rededicated following a programme of restoration. The guests included over 70 members of the Black Watch Association and the relatives of Lt Freddie Tait and Major-General AG Wauchope both of whom were killed at Magersfonrein.

March 2007 – Good News! Plymouth City Council have renovated the memorial to HMS Doris which included a pom-pom-gun

December 2006 – More bad news – a number of graves including that of Pte RR Thompson, Royal Canadian Regiment, and his wife have been desecrated in Canada. Pte Thompson was one of the recipients of Queen Victoria’s scarf for his gallantry during the Second Anglo-Boer War.

December 2006 – The Anglo-Boer War memorial statue in Nuneaton has been stolen by thieves. The local community are keen to replace the statue if it cannot be recovered.

November 2005 – The Commonwealth War Graves Commission have announced that they will be contributing to the upkeep of Anglo-Boer War graves of British (“Commonwealth”) forces in South Africa.”

September 2005 – Memorial to Kamikaze pilots erected in the Phillipines
The Daily Telegraph 05-09-2005

Memorial to animals in war unveiled in London

November 2004 – Britain unveils its first national memorial to all animals used in war. During the Anglo-Boer War a number of horse troughs were erected in memory of the horses and donkeys killed in the war; see the Survey

Plan to honour the South African Native Labour Corps of World War I

September 2004 – The Military Medal Society of South Africa announces plans to erect a memorial to the men who served the British Empire. Apart from a tiny minority these African servicemen were denied any official recognition for their efforts and sacrifice – war medals were even denied them.

Tasmania honours it’s Victoria Cross winners

The Sunday Telegraph 11-05-2003

A memorial erected in Hobart honours, amongst others, the first Australian born winners of the VC – Trooper John Bisdee and Lieutenant Guy Wylly who won the highest award for gallantry during the Second Anglo-Boer War.

The Department of Transport’s restored war memorial

Japanese firm blocks access to County Hall war memorial
Daily Telegraph 12-05-2002
The Japanese company that owns County Hall, one of London’s landmark buildings, is refusing to allow the Royal British Legion to lay wreaths  at a war memorial inside.

Sculpture to honour the women of the War
Daily Telegraph 04-10-2001
War memorials of the Anglo-Boer War were the first to acknowledge women’s role in Britain’s war by featuring them on memorials and listing  their names.

Treasury beats retreat in battle to charge VAT on new war memorial
Daily Telegraph 29-07-2001
The Government has yielded to pressure not to tax the construction of a national war memorial after its financial plight was disclosed in The  Telegraph, causing a storm of protest.

Anger as ‘slave labour’ firm builds memorial
Daily Telegraph 14-06-2001
American war veterans have expressed outrage because a company chosen to build a Second World War memorial in the centre of Washington is  owned by a German firm that once used slave labour.

War memorial in jeopardy after Brown demands VAT
Daily Telegraph 27-05-2001
The building of a war memorial dedicated to the soldiers of the Commonwealth has been stalled because the Government has taken the unprecedented decision to charge VAT on its construction.

War memorial goes ahead at last
Daily Telegraph 24-05-2001
America is finally ready to begin work on a national memorial to its Second World War dead, almost 56 years after the final bullet flew, after Congress sent a bill ordering its construction to President Bush yesterday.

Parents’ promise to lost son is fulfilled
Daily Telegraph 11-11-2000
Paul Worrall was 23, a private in the King’s Regiment, when he was killed on Oct 24, 1990. He was one of five soldiers blown up when the IRA  forced a civilian to drive a car packed with explosives up to a military checkpoint in Londonderry.