List of Recorded War Memorials

There are 2,028 war memorials on the Project’s database, 19 are recorded as lost.

Efforts have concentrated on the UK, this is why you will see relatively few listed for countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa, and none for India. In most of those countries the memorials have been well recorded. I have more records for all these countries, adding them to the database is simply a question of time.

There are two memorials for the Boers included here: Long Island, Bermuda and Michael Carberry in Armagh. There are many more memorials in South Africa to the Boer fighters.

Memorials by Country on the Project Database
Country Number of Memorials
Australia 17
Bermuda 1
Canada 25
Channel Islands 7
England 1748
Gibraltar 1
Ireland, Republic of 36
Italy 1
New Zealand 8
Northern Ireland 18
Scotland 80
South Africa 14
Sri Lanka 1
Wales 69
Unknown 2